Figures from A History of NGOs in Britain: Chapter 6

Figure 6.1: Attendance at Churches by age, 1979-2005

Figure 6.2: Membership of environmental organisations, 1970s-present day

Figure 6.3. Average number of types of associations people belong to or are active in

Figure 6.4: Membership of various sectors, 1950s-2000s

Figure 6.5: Volunteering in past month, according to various surveys, 1947-2010

Figure 6.6: Volunteering rates, 1980s-2010

Figure 6.7: Volunteering by type of tasks done within charities/organisations, 1981-2009

Figure 6.8: Reasons for volunteering

Figure 6.9: Volunteering by age (1981-1997)

Figure 6.10: Rates of volunteering by faith, 2007-08 to April-September 2010 (Formal volunteering at least once in the last year (%))

Figure 6.11: Volunteering by types of sector


Bonus Datasets

Bonus Figure 6.1: Volunteering in the past year, 1945-2010 according to various polls (% of total sample surveyed)

Bonus Figure 6.2: Formal volunteering in the past 12 months, 1947-2008

Bonus Figure 6.3: Volunteering in past month, according to various surveys, 1949-2010

Bonus Figure 6.4: Volunteering in past year, 1981-2010

Bonus Figure 6.5: Any volunteering in a month or year in England, 2001-2010 (% of respondents)

Bonus Figure 6.6: Volunteering in the last three months, 2001-2007

Bonus Figure 6.7: Average number of types of associations people belong to or are active in, 1991- 2007

Bonus Figure 6.8: Members, participants, volunteers and givers by type of organisation (%), 2000-2001

Bonus Figure 6.9: Number of Trustees, 1990-2008

Bonus Figure 6.10: Formal volunteering at least once a year by ethnicity in 2010 (%)

Bonus Figure 6.11: Percentage of each community within the minority ethnic community sample who volunteered in 1993

Bonus Figure 6.12: Formal volunteering at least once a year by religion in 2010 (%)

Bonus Figure 6.13: Formal volunteering at least once a year by age in 2010 (%)

Bonus Figure 6.14: Participation in social and voluntary work in average month, by age in 1977

Bonus Figure 6.15: Rates of volunteering by age in last year, 1981-2006

Bonus Figure 6.16: Percentage of various surveys’ respondents who volunteered in the last twelve months by sector, 1981-2006/7

Bonus Figure 6.17: Volunteering for different types of organisations, 1981-2006

Bonus Figure 6.18: Volunteering rates by sector in 2001 (%)

Bonus Figure 6.19: Percentage of volunteers involved with various tasks within charities/organisations, 1981-2008/9

Bonus Figure 6.20: Reasons given by volunteers for volunteering, 1991-1997 (%)

Bonus Figure 6.21: Reasons for volunteering, 2006-2007

Bonus Figure 6.22: Reasons for volunteering, 1991-2006

Bonus Figure 6.23: Volunteering by Gender, 1981-2006

Bonus Figure 6.24: Membership and Volunteering by country, 1998

Bonus Figure 6.25: Membership of various sectors, 1950s-2000s

Bonus Figure 6.26: Membership of youth organisations, 1950-2009

Bonus Table 6.1: What constitutes “voluntary work”?

Bonus Table 6.2: Selected Activities performed in free time in England by age, 2009/2010

Bonus Table 6.3: Number of volunteers, trustees and paid staff in the UK

Bonus Table 6.4: Volunteering by Socio-Economic Group, 1981

Bonus Table 6.5: Volunteering by employment status, 2006

Bonus Table 6.6: People volunteering through the Community Service Volunteers, 1971-2010


Bonus Information

Volunteering for the Environment in the UK


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